El Sol

El Sol is a student-led and written Spanish newspaper that serves the Spanish speaking community within the tristate region. We provide articles on news, opinions, arts, education, community, sports, and entertainment.

Advisors: Jesús Jambrina, Michelle Pinzl


Lumen is the Viterbo student newspaper. Its purpose is to provide communication among members of the Viterbo community. Included are impartial reports on campus events and other information of interest to the community. Lumen stimulates thinking, serves as a forum for opposing views on issues, and shows the relationship of the campus to city, national, and world events. 

Advisor: Alexander Ashland


Touchstone is the Viterbo University's literary art magazine, providing Viterbo students an outlet for publication of prose, poetry, and art, as well the learning experience and freedom of selecting pieces and preparing the layout and design of a magazine.

Literary Advisor: Vincent James
Art Advisor: Kira Peters