Viterbo University student organizations help promote the mission of the university and provide service opportunities that are valuable for a student's life and work. They serve as an added educational resource to students, giving them experiences related to their classes and studies, ultimately providing a variety of activities to supplement and balance their lives. Involvement in a group that helps to explore interests can be a source of developing skills, learning more about the many facets of a particular area, experiencing the interplay of working with others, and assuming leadership roles.

Student organizations at Viterbo are expected to meet several criteria for recognition as university groups. Recognition by the Student Government and Vice President for Student Development brings a number of benefits for the group. Criteria, benefits, and procedures are described below.


Criteria for Recognition of Student Organizations
  • Defined and written by-laws for the club or organization. These are expected to be in line with the Mission of Viterbo University.
  • Listing of officers, with terms given, and updated after each election or selection. Name of faculty or staff advisor (must be a member of the Viterbo University Community).
  • Membership open to all, with no discrimination on the basis of sex, race, gender, ethnic background, creed, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • List of members, updated each year. (A majority of members must be enrolled at or employed by Viterbo University).
  • Amount of membership dues indicated, where appropriate.
Benefits of Official Club Registration
  • May establish account with the Viterbo University Business Office (this allows the club or organization to use the Viterbo tax exempt status on purchases).
  • May use Viterbo University facilities for meeting and activities (rental fee may be charged in some buildings).
  • May request funds from SGA to support activities.
  • May promote meeting and activities through use of Viterbo communications.
  • May receive communications about potential volunteer and fund-raising activities.
Procedure for Receiving Recognition
  • Prepare and submit information required in the criteria for the Application for New Student Organization Status.
  • Submit forms to the Office of the Administrative Advisor to the Student Government Association.
  • Receive approval from Student Government Association and Vice President for Student Development.
  • Keep updated information about the club or organization in the office of the Vice President for Student Development.
Student Publications

The primary function of the student publications is to provide students interested in writing, communications, or the visual arts with an opportunity to disseminate their convictions in an honest and intelligent manner and to help create a campus spirit.