Student Clubs & Organizations Descriptions
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American Sign Language (ASL) Club

ASL club strives to bring awareness and education to the Viterbo University community regarding the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community and their language.  The club provides advocacy for those with hearing disabilities, and strives to make Viterbo’s campus more accessible to current and future students.

Advisor: Jodie M. Novak


Avanza! is dedicated to creating a powerful sense of belonging and community among Latinx students on campus. We strive to build a supportive network where individuals can connect, share their experiences, and uplift one another. In addition to fostering a strong community, we are committed to raising awareness through campaigns, discussions, and workshops about the social, political, and cultural topics and challenges faced by Latinx communities, both on and off campus. 
Our club is also deeply invested in empowering Latinx students to become community leaders and change-makers. We provide transformative personal and professional development opportunities to our members offering workshops, mentorship programs, and skill-building activities. we celebrate and promote Latinx culture, heritage, and traditions through vibrant cultural events, performances, workshops, and discussions.

Advisor: Marlene De La Cruz-Guzmán

Black Student Organization (BSO)

BSO seeks to uplift the Black community within Viterbo University and provide students with a sense of belonging. Members also strive to educate and engage with the Viterbo campus to share Black history, culture, and community.

Advisor: Marlene De La Cruz-Guzmán

Book Club

The purpose of VU Book Club is to expand members’ literary horizons through a regular rotation of varies books. Members will choose one to three books per semester, and meet regularly to talk through the subject matter through the lens of their own worldviews and lived experiences. Members are dedicated ensuring to open, safe, and brave discussion spaces. 

Advisor:  Jodi Hilleshiem

Chess Club

The purpose of the Viterbo University Chess Club is to provide a safe and friendly meeting place for players, regardless of identity, experience, or ability. Students will have the opportunity to explore both casual and competitive play, participate in local and state tournaments, and to engage, discuss, and promote the game of chess. 

Advisor: Bud Andrews

Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club at Viterbo University seeks to encourage and uplift students with an interest in the field by providing a safe learning environment and giving the opportunity to come together and grow the new computer science program.

Advisor: Eric Weinberg

Education Club 

The Viterbo Education Club is composed of students, not only education majors, but also any students who are interested in educational leadership and working in a professional environment. Members will gain a greater sense of responsibility, professionalism, and leadership by participating in professional and social opportunities in the La Crosse and Viterbo communities. Members will create a balance of teamwork, opportunities, and experiences of positive outreach to the community as well as enforce Viterbo values to build acceptance and awareness of all others’ backgrounds. 

Advisor: Josh Lichty

El Sol

El Sol is a student-led and written Spanish newspaper that serves the Spanish speaking community within the tristate region. We provide articles on news, opinions, arts, education, community, sports, and entertainment.

Advisors: Jesús Jambrina, Michelle Pinzl

Fiber Arts Club

The Fiber Arts Club seeks to gather members of the Viterbo community to crochet, knit, embroider, or participate in any other fiber art. Students will have the chance to be taught how to crochet and knit, and beginners are strongly encouraged to join!

Advisor: Tammy Gilkes

G. A. M. E. Club

The G.A.M.E Club is committed with creating a space on campus for students to be able to talk about their interests in the Clubs namesake, creating events around that interest on campus and facilitating them, along with fostering a community around and place to watch and support the University’s Esports program.

Advisor: Sam Clark

Global Connections 

Viterbo’s international club celebrates cultural diversity. The club promotes and encourages a cultural exchange between nations through opportunities for friendship, understanding, and the social interests of members. 

Advisor: Melissa Giefer

Health and Wellbeing Club (HAWC)

Health and Wellbeing Club (HAWC) is a student organization on campus that engages, educates, and supports the individual and collective health and wellbeing of Viterbo’s student body.

Advisor: Marci Iverson

Inspiring Voices of the Young (IVY)

IVY seeks to study prominent figures, focusing on women, that have shaped our past and present society. Members strive to educate and share resources within the La Crosse community for various purposes: women's resources, mental health centers, career building resources, and more. Within the campus community, students focus on fitting in leisure and self-care while being a college student.  

Advisor: Sarah Hines

Improv Club

The Viterbo Improv Club will provide an opportunity for Viterbo students to participate in open events, workshops, and teams centered around improvisational performance. The goal of this club is to foster a positive, welcoming environment for participants to grow in their improv abilities.  

Advisor: Erin Jerozal


Since 1954, the Lumen has been Viterbo's student newspaper. Its purpose is to provide communication among members of the Viterbo community. Included are impartial reports on campus events and other information of interest to the community. Lumen stimulates thinking, serves as a forum for opposing views on issues, and shows the relationship of the campus to city, national, and world events. 

Advisor: Alexander Ashland

Pride Club 

We aim to create a welcoming, accepting, and safe place on Viterbo’s campus for people of all sexual orientations.

Advisor:  Tyler Flockhart

Psi Chi

Viterbo University of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology's mission is to promote excellence in the science and application of psychology. Psi Chi is open to psychology majors or minors who meet the academic eligibility requirements.

Advisor: Dr. Tamera Hill, Bill Bakalars

Psychology Club

Psych Club is open to any student with an interest in psychology. Psych Club provides a social environment for students to interact with each other and psychology faculty, with the goal of promoting greater understanding of psychology and mental health.

Advisor:  Dr. Tamera Hill

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA is a student led organization composed of resident students with the goal of improving residence life on-campus. It provides an opportunity and means for self-expression and self-government by, and for the residence hall/apartment students. RHA is democratic in its function and effective in its action. This organization shall have shared responsibility for the formulation, recommendation, and review of the policies concerning residence life, as well as provide leadership opportunities for its resident students.  

Advisor:  Hannah Dickman

Servant Leadership Club

The Servant Leadership Club is a branch affiliated with Lions Clubs International.  The mission is to empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, and encourage peace.  The Servant Leadership Lions Club gives undergraduates and graduate students an opportunity to become certified in Servant Leadership as well as to provide opportunities to participate in community volunteer activities.  This club also seeks to uphold and promote Viterbo's Servant Leadership principles of ethical decision-making by honoring the ethos: "We Serve".

Advisor:  David Strudthoff

Spanish Club 

The Spanish Club promotes awareness and interest about Spanish-speaking countries and their culture. The club aims to entice club members and Viterbo students to become aware of issues surrounding Spanish-speaking countries and to take action. The club engages in fun, culturally-integrated activities to help others open their eyes to a new way of life.

Advisors: Michelle Pinzl


STEM Club aims to engage students of the School of Natural Science, Math, and Engineering, in activities to connect socially, serve the community, and prepare students for success in their post-graduate careers. 

Advisor: Scott Gabriel

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) 

SAAC provides a communication link between varsity athletes and the athletic administration, encouraging communication and unity among and between varsity athletes and teams. SAAC increases athletic programs involvement and awareness on campus and in the community.

Advisor: Chase V Damewood

Student Dietetics Association (SDA) 

SDA's mission is to create a positive, educational environment where members learn about different aspects of nutrition through fundraising, volunteering and team bonding events. SDA's main events include a spaghetti dinner, an apple pie sale, and a chocolate fundraiser.

Advisor: Jamie Weber

Student National Association of Teachers of Singing (SNATS)

SNATS is dedicated to the development, education, and vocal health of singers and their teachers. The Viterbo chapter aims to provide more opportunities for experiencing music, learning teaching technique, and performance practices by hosting scholarly discussions and bringing in professional master class technicians.

Advisor: Daniel Johnson-Wilmot

Student Social Justice and Equity Committee

The Student Social Justice and Equity Committee aims to provide opportunities for students to engage and educate the student body to support and promote social justice and equity in the Viterbo community by: 

  • Empowering student leadership and voices in areas of social justice and equity on campus and within the greater community. 
  • Provide students with the opportunity to engage in Viterbo decision making in the areas of social justice and equity. 
  • Provide support to identity-related clubs/organizations. 

Advisor: Marlene De La Cruz Guzman​​​​​​

Student Sustainability Club

The Student Sustainability Club is composed of students who are passionate about the environment. The club works closely with the Environmental Responsibility Committee (an employee group) and together they help to plan activities that promote sustainability on campus. Examples of activities are farmers markets, plant sales, tree planting, planting a rain garden, building Mason Bee houses, putting notices around campus asking others to be more sustainable.

Advisor: Karen Hurtgen

Student Theatre Project (STP)

The STP’s main purpose is to give all Viterbo students a space to present student-created theatrical works and create leadership in theatre.

Advisor: Erin Jerozal

Student Veterans of America (SVA) 

SVA provides student veterans at Viterbo University with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and beyond.

Advisor:  Ryan Thibodeau


Tri-Beta is part of the National Biological Society and meets once a month. It focuses on volunteering, hosting activities, and research. Tri-Beta gives students opportunities to participate in volunteer work and other activities, and meet other students within the science department. 

Advisor: Robert Charles Lawrence


Touchstone is a student publication for art and literature.

Art Advisor: Kira Peters

Viterbo Dance Coalition

The purpose of the Viterbo Dance Coalition is to create a space for dancers to come together to learn different combinations of dance in a fast-paced but supportive and safe setting. A different member teaches a combo each week.

Advisor: Emily Craver

Viterbo Film Studios

This student club strives artistically collaborate to make one or two short films per semester, storyboard and shoot mock commercials, and potentially host workshops focused on acting for the camera, film production and screenwriting. This gives students interested in pursuing a career in film/tv the opportunity to have content for their reels and gain fundamental experience.

Advisor: Teddy Eck

Viterbo Marketing Club (VMC)

VMC aims to develop connections, passions, and ambitions by gaining exposure to real-life marketing culture by providing Viterbo students with professional development opportunities necessary to build a successful career and to establish a community of Marketers within the Dahl School of Business.

Advisor: John Neumann

Viterbo Student Nurses Association (VSNA) 

This student club emphasizes health and nursing techniques, and promotes a strong sense of community service in La Crosse and surrounding areas.

Advisors: Jennifer Schmaltz, Julie Meyers

Viterbo University Collegiate Chapter of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME)

The purpose of the Viterbo NAfME chapter shall be to promote further professional development for Viterbo University music students. 

Advisor: James Wilson

The Viterbo Vocal Jazz Choir

The purpose of the Viterbo Vocal Jazz Choir is to help bring music diversity to the Viterbo community and educate students in the genre of jazz. 

Advisor: James Wilson

Viterbo Weights and Wellness

Viterbo Weights and Wellness is an organization that works to create a positive and inspiring gym environment to benefit the mental and physical health of students. We hope to empower all students regardless of where they are in their fitness journey. 

Advisor:  Matthew Bersagel-Braley