The Amie L. Mathy Center for Recreation and Education, Viterbo University, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater La Crosse join hand-in-hand as partners to promote the physical, recreational, and educational development of students of all ages.

This combined facility offers the Boys & Girls Clubs much-needed space to serve the youth of the south side of La Crosse. Likewise, Viterbo benefits from added space which alleviated serious overcrowding in its former Student Activities Center which was built when enrollment was half of what it is today. This unique Boys & Girls Club/Viterbo University joint project is one of the first of its kind in the nation to combine assets and strengths of both organizations for the betterment of youth and the surrounding neighborhood. The power to become one will create many opportunities not otherwise possible.

The Boys & Girls Clubs has a more active presence on La Crosse’s south side. This center addresses the need for a positive and productive place for youth on the south side to be exposed to living and learning experiences.


Facility hours may be found here.

Recreation programming information may be found on our department site.