"Plus One" Membership

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"Plus One" Membership

Viterbo employees, alumni members, and students are permitted to have a partner or spouse join the Mathy Center for a fee.

Plus One Membership Guidelines

The “Plus One” membership would be defined by the following guidelines: 

  1. Can only be one individual
  2. The individual must be at least 18 years of age.
  3. The individual must reside with the Viterbo member and show proof of shared residency.
  4. Must complete an application and the Viterbo member must be present with the new member at the time of the registration.
  5. The new “Plus One” member must pay the appropriate fee.
  6. The new “Plus One” member must obtain a Viterbo issued I.D. from the Physical Plant to gain access to the Mathy Center.
Pricing and Terms


Single-term pass (4 months): $70
Two term pass (8 months): $125 (~10% discount)
Full year pass (12 months): $190 (~15% discount)


  • Jan. 1–Apr. 30
  • May 1–Aug. 31
  • Sept. 1–Dec. 31
Registration Information and Verify Shared Residency Requirements

Registration Information

  1. Together, Viterbo member and "Plus One" applicant are to bring approved documents as proof of shared residency to the Mathy Center front desk. We will not need a copy of the document(s). We only need to see the document(s) for verification of shared residency.
  2. "Plus One" applicant must complete registration, sign waiver, and pay fees at the Mathy Center.
  3. Visit the Physical Plant to have your photo I.D. taken. 

Documentation to Verify Shared Residency

Please bring one form to show proof of shared residency:

  1. Bill with "Plus One" name and address to match that of the member
    (Example: credit card or utility)
  2. Driver's License - address must match that of the member
  3. Lease agreement or mortgage copy
  4. Legal document
    (Example: tax return or passport)
  5. Marriage certificate


Questions? Contact us at mathycenter@viterbo.edu or 608-796-3121.