This document consists of four articles:
Article I: Funding Guidelines
Article II: Election Guidelines
Article III:  Committee Guidelines
Article IV:  Miscellaneous

Article I: Funding Guidelines

  1. Source of Funds
    1. The source of funds is the student activity fee paid by each student.
    2. Student organizations may receive additional funding through fundraising or dues.
    3. The purpose of the student activity fee is to fund activities, programs, clubs, and organizations that are of interest to the student body, have an impact on-campus, and are directly related to the purpose of the sponsoring organizations and departments.
  2. Funding Guidelines for Student Clubs and Organizations
    1. Student groups applying for funding must be recognized by the Student Engagement Coordinator and the Vice President of Student Life.
    2. SGA allocates funding only to recognized student organizations in which all members are currently enrolled Viterbo students.
    3. The SGA Finance Committee considers these and other factors when reviewing budget requests: adherence to funding guidelines, necessity of expenditures, and availability of funds.
    4. Priority in SGA funding is given for:
      1. Activities and programs that enhance campus life and the out-of-class experience or improve the educational climate of the University.
      2. Individual events, trips, services and programs that will most directly benefit current Viterbo students.
      3. Programs held on the Viterbo University campus.
      4. Programs that are related to the mission of the student organization requesting the funds.
      5. Programs designed for and open to all students and the entire University community.
      6. Events, services, and programs that are free-of-charge.
      7. Activities that are in agreement with the Viterbo mission and university policy.
    5. The SGA Finance Committee will review and make recommendations to SGA on annual club allocations no later than March 31st for the following year.
      1. The SGA Finance Committee will review and make recommendations to SGA on incidental funding requests throughout the academic year.
    6. Activities that support or oppose a political candidate(s), a political party(ies), or a political rally(ies) will not be funded.  
    7. Student activity fees are not allocated for and are not to be used for charities or charitable donations.
    8. The maximum amount a student club may request is $6,000 per academic year.
    9. SGA will not award scholarship funds other than the travel scholarship ($50 limit) through Student Activities Fees. Student organization members may apply for one additional travel scholarship up to fifty dollars ($50) via the SGA Mid-Semester Budget Request Form after the initial $50 scholarship is expended.
    10. Any SGA awarded funds that are not used by May 15 in a given academic year will be reclaimed and returned to the SGA account for distribution the following academic year.  The maximum amount for rollover of non-SGA funds (fundraised monies or dues) is $5,000; rollover funds may impact SGA allocation for the subsequent year.
    11. If a club or organization spends more than is in their account, they will be put on probation for the subsequent academic year. If it happens again in a four-year period, the club will be ineligible for SGA funding for 2 years. 
    12. SGA Funding Award Notification Emails will go out to the club president and club advisor the week after census day in September (generally the second Friday of fall semester classes). 
    13. Only in special circumstances, which may include an event where student organizations cannot realistically provide a valuable service to students without charging a fee, will the SGA consider allowing admission charge. The Finance Committee must approve any admission charges prior to the event.
    14. The Vice President for Student Life must approve all funding decisions made by SGA.
  3. Purchasing Guidelines:
    1. Students and advisors make the necessary club purchases and then submit check requests ($40 or more) or petty cash vouchers (less than $40) to the Business Office on Murphy Center 2nd floor in order to get reimbursed. Check request forms are available in the Business Office, and petty cash vouchers are available online at 
    2. Viterbo University is a tax-free entity, and therefore the university will not reimburse individuals for taxes paid. To avoid being charged sales tax, present this tax exempt form when making purchases for your club or organization.
    3. Your club or organization advisor is to serve as the signing officer for any petty cash requests or check requests submitted by your group.   
      1. All check requests and petty cash requests MUST: 

      2. Include the original receipt, 

      3. Contain the account number listed above, and 

      4. Be signed by your advisor 

      5. Mid-year budget requests must be submitted to the SGA Office no less than two (2) weeks prior to an event or program.  Requests may be submitted up to one year in advance of an event or program.
    4.  The following items must be included with the student organization’s budget request:
      1. Organization’s name and account number.
      2. Contact person’s name, e-mail address, USPS address, and phone number
      3. Organization Mission Statement
      4. A copy of an accurate and current membership list
      5. Reports on the activities sponsored by the organizations during the previous year
      6. Name of activit(ies)
      7. Purpose of activit(ies)
      8. Date(s), time(s) and location(s) of activit(ies)
      9. An itemized list of estimated expenditures for the activit(ies).  Funding requests may include, but are not limited to fees, speaker or entertainer fees, food/refreshments, advertising/promotion, decorations, tickets, security, transportation, lighting, and sound equipment.
      10. An itemized list of estimated income or revenues from donations, tickets, fundraising, etc.
  4. Funding for Student Travel and Student Conference Participation
    1. SGA supports club-related travel and conference learning experiences.  Priority will be given to travel that provides an opportunity to increase the student organization’s growth, effectiveness, and/or its contributions to the greater Viterbo community.
    2. Travel funded by SGA should be student organization-related.
    3. Requests for travel must be made at least four weeks in advance of departure.  Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.
    4. Student organization members are eligible for one fifty dollar ($50) club-related travel scholarship each academic year. Student organization members may apply for one additional travel scholarship up to fifty dollars ($50) via the SGA Mid-Semester Budget Request Form after the initial $50 scholarship is expended.
    5. Travel and conference funding must be used for registration fees, public transportation, fuel and/or lodging.  Meals and rental cars are typically not funded.  Personal expenditures such as phone, internet, and entertainment charges will not be funded.
    6. Each student traveling must abide by terms of the travel policy and submit required information.
  5. Accountability and Bookkeeping
    1. Viterbo student organizations must maintain a Viterbo University agency account with the University Business Office. Allocations will be deposited in the agency account.
    2. The SGA Vice President of Finance will serve as the contact person for business transactions.
    3. Student organizations must use funds for the purpose the funds were allocated.
    4. All activities must submit reports on the activities sponsored by the organization during the previous year as a part of their funding requests.
    5. All capital equipment allotted to an activity must be stored in a University facility.
    6. SGA may monitor student organization accounts and may require student organizations to submit documentation detailing their account transactions.
    7. Unused SGA funds will be returned to SGA at the end of each fiscal year. 
    8. No Viterbo student organization may enter into a written contract without the written consent of the Student Engagement Coordinator and/or the Vice President for Student Life.
    9. All contracts must be signed by the Vice President for Student Life. 
  6. Violations of Funding Guidelines
    1. Violations of this policy will be determined by SGA, in consultation with the SGA Advisor.
    2. If it is determined that a violation of the SGA Funding Guidelines has occurred, the violator will be informed of this by the SGA Vice President for Finance.
    3. SGA may place restrictions on current and/or future allocations.
    4. A student organization may appeal the SGA’s decision to the Vice President of Student Life.
  7. Special Subsidies
    1. Discounts for Viterbo University Fine Arts Center Events
      1. Typically, SGA funds discounts for Bright Star Season events at fifty percent (50%) of the ticket cost for main floor or first balcony seats.  Second balcony seats are typically funded at seventy-five percent (75%) of the ticket cost.
      2. Typically, SGA funds discounts for Black Box productions at fifty percent (50%).
      3. The discount for other events is approved on an individual basis by SGA.
      4. The SGA Finance Committee approves the discount given each year for the next season.

Article II: Election Guidelines

A. Election Date

  1. Spring SGA elections process must be fully completed by April 15th.
  2. Fall SGA elections must result in newly-elected members being seated by the third meeting of the fall semester.

B. Campaigns

  1. The dates and times for campaigning are set by SGA members and the Vice President for Student Life. Students interested in running for the first-year senator SGA positions for the 2023-2024 academic year should read the SGA Candidate Information Sheet linked below:
  2. Fall 2023 nominations have closed, but took place from September 11-15; voting among first year students (as well as campaigning) will take place from 8am on September 18 until midnight on September 21, 2023. A link to the 2023 Candidate Biographies can be found here as well as in the voting ballot survey sent to all first-year students:  
  3. Campaign materials must be posted in accordance with the University’s posting policy.
  4. These campaign strategies are not permitted.
      1. Posting on walls, windows and doors.
      2. Posting or hanging bed sheets.
      3. Use of voicemail messages.
      4. Use of the University’s electronic mail system to send mass electronic messages.
  5. Candidates may not request endorsements from any student, club, faculty or staff member.

C. Financing Campaigns

  1. Spending limits

a. Candidates running for an SGA position may spend no more than one hundred dollars ($100) on the campaign.

b. Candidates may not solicit campaign contributions.

  1. Reimbursement

        a. There will be no allocation or reimbursement for campaign expenditures

D. Voting

  1. Voting will be held on the dates specified by SGA members and the Vice President for Student Life.  Information regarding Fall 2023 first-year senator SGA elections will be posted here in September 2023. 
  2. This procedure for elections will be distributed to each candidate.
  3. Each student is entitled to vote only once.

E. Grievances

  1. Candidates and other students protesting election procedures or results must submit complaints in writing to the Vice President for Student Life as soon as possible and no later than one week after the last day of the election.  The Vice President will discuss the complaint with appropriate SGA members and/or university officials.  The Vice President for Student Life and/or appropriate SGA members will respond in writing to the complaint.

Article III: Committee Guidelines

  1. SGA Committees
    1. Each SGA committee will be comprised of a minimum of three SGA members – a chairperson and two other members.
    2. Committee meetings will be included in SGA general meetings as needed.

Article IV:  Miscellaneous

  1. MTU Board
    1. A volunteer SGA member will be a non-elected member of the La Crosse Municipal Transit Utility (MTU) Board.
    2. Typically, the SGA member serving as MTU Board representative serves a term of one academic year minimum.

Changes Approved at Jan. 31, 2016, SGA Meeting
Position title and date changes made on April 27, 2023