Four-year Graduation Guarantee

Viterbo University's Four-Year Guarantee logo

Viterbo University's four-year graduation guarantee gives first-time, first-year students a clear path to on-time graduation.

Graduating in four years gives parents and students financial peace of mind and an estimated $63,569* in savings compared with graduating in five years.

Students who graduate in four years get a head start by entering the workforce or graduate school earlier. However, at public colleges and universities, the four-year graduation rate is just 33%.

Viterbo’s four-year graduation guarantee is a demonstration of confidence in our students, faculty and advisers. By working together, we know we can make a big difference in students lives by getting them to graduation in four years.

Students who participate in the four-year graduation guarantee will work closely with an academic advisor on a clearly defined path to graduation.

If a student who complies with the terms of the guarantee is unable to graduate within four years, Viterbo will allow them to graduate by either substituting a different course, waiving a course, or not charging tuition for any major or required course for one semester.

For more information, prospective students are encouraged to contact their admissions counselor or contact Admissions at or 608-796-3010 or visit our four year degree information page.

*$63,569 is the combined net cost of one year's education at Viterbo and one year's average salary for a Viterbo graduate.