Viterbo's engineering co-op program is an opportunity for students to choose to work at a co-op partner during the spring/summer or summer/fall semester of their junior or senior year. This is a paid, in-field engineering experience during which the student works at least part-time during the academic semester and full-time during the summer. This unique co-op opportunity allows students to expand their general engineering degree and work directly with professionals in their field of interest. Students in the co-op program are also guaranteed a wage of $18 per hour and total hours of 800, equating to $14,400 (pre-tax) in earnings.

Other benefits of the co-op program include:

  • formal application process with interview for placement
  • long-term experience within a single organization
  • flexibility in course schedules to free up large blocks of time at co-op sites
  • lightened, full-time load (12 credits) of coursework during co-op semester to maintain financial aid and athlete eligibility
  • site supervision by a professional engineer
  • training within a specific engineering field
  • complements a general engineering degree
  • students experience "annual review" style of assessment

Viterbo's engineering program currently has placement options with 17 different engineering departments in the greater Coulee Region. For more information on the co-op program, contact Alyssa Gostonczik or Michael Alfieri.