The mission of the Engineering program at Viterbo University is to offer rigorous and industrially relevant coursework that fosters creativity and communication skills. Our graduates will exemplify faithful service and ethical leadership as they create ideas, products, and systems that positively impact the city, county, and state.


Our vision is to produce graduates who find satisfying careers and are valued for their strong leadership and excellent communication skills on a solid foundation of engineering skills.

Core Values

  • We value honesty.
  • We believe in accountability.
  • We listen actively and thoroughly reexamine our opinions in the light of new evidence.
  • We recognize achievements and express gratitude for contributions from colleagues.
  • We strive for clarity in articulation.
  • We value reflection.
Commitment to growth
  • We are committed to teaching and learning with curiosity.
  • We strive for excellence.
  • We value collaboration.
  • We are committed to being respectful and compassionate.
  • We fix problems even when they’re not our own. Equipped with our education, we help our colleagues and advocate for those less privileged.



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