Computer Science

Students graduate with a portfolio of work to show prospective employers their strong foundation of key skills, preparing them for a wide range of careers.

Program Information

Our new computer science program combines a strong foundation of computer science with an additional area of interest that will enable students to design and build software that creatively solves complex problems. Our program is enriched with several course-embedded projects that enable students to apply their learning to real problems, as well as develop critical teamwork and communication skills. These projects prepare students for their  internship or co-op experience and the two-semester capstone design project. As graduates of the program, students will have a portfolio of programming accomplishments that showcases their ability to apply these skills to their chosen field outside of computer science.

Industry connected projects


Hands-on Learning

Embedded internship

and co-op experiences

Computer Science (BS)

Viterbo’s computer science program is 41 credits (internship pathway) or 47 credits (co-op pathway) of core coursework, consisting of computer science, mathematics, information systems, and management courses. In combination with core curriculum, the complete credit load for this program is 98-108 credits. Students will choose a concentration track outside of computer science to apply skills within that area (business, creative design, data science, engineering or mathematics), take part in team-based, industry-related projects embedded into their coursework, and have an internship or co-op experience.

Computer Science (Minor)

Viterbo’s Computer Science minor consists of 15 credits of core coursework in Computer Science. Transfer course and waivers could modify these results.



Associate Professor, Physics and Engineering
Chair, Department of Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science
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