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What Makes Dahl Different


Make the Connection...

To the business community
-Guaranteed paid internships
-Many networking opportunities
To your future
-Outstanding job placement rates
To expert faculty
-Educators who are dedicated to your success
To a great experience
-Experience the beautiful city of La Crosse



Undergraduate Programs

The Servant Leadership Embedded Certificate is embedded within the Business Core curriculum. Students will practice ethical decision making, learn to communicate through storytelling, develop contemplation and discernment, understand how to build community , and how to support the Common Good. All Business students will receive a certificate upon graduation.

Accounting BBA 

Business Administration BBA

Data Analytics BBA

Finance BBA

Marketing BBA

Spot Management and Leadership BBA

Western Technical College Transfer Agreement
A picture of a colorful clock tower with trees behind it and grass in front. "Contemplations on business, leadership, and ethics" is written in a white box in front of the clock tower, with a blue triangle in the lower left that houses the Viterbo logo and a red triangle on the lower right that has "engage, innovate, serve, transform" written inside


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Admissions Counselor

Works with high school students at La Crosse private schools as well as students in northern Wisconsin and the southeastern United States