Campus Safety and Security

For On-campus Users

Become familiar with our Campus Safety team, safety procedures and policies here, including what you should do in case of an emergency on campus 

Emergency Situation

We strive to keep our campus safe by providing safety and security for Viterbo University students, staff, and the general public who attend events on our campus. 

  • Life threatening situation: 911
  • Campus Security:  608-796-3911
  • La Crosse County Non-Emergency Dispatch: 608-782-7575

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve the Viterbo University community by promoting a safe and welcoming educational environment. We also support the University’s Catholic, Franciscan identity through service motivated by integrity, hospitality, and impartiality.

Campus Safety and Security Team

Viterbo's campus safety team consist of professionals who monitor and patrol the university. Team members have extensive experience in many safety areas including law enforcement, fire fighting, military, cyber-security, physical security, medical, customer service, management/leadership and more. 

About the Campus Safety Department

Campus Safety provides a safe and secure environment for students and staff at Viterbo University. If you need help and are not sure where to turn, Campus Safety Officers will assist you. 

Campus Safety provided the following:

  • Safety building/parking lot patrols
  • Provide Safe Walk service within a two-block radius of campus
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Medical Call Response
  • Parking Education
  • Training
  • Opening and closing of interior doors
  • Manages lost and found property
  • Campus Event Support 
  • Clery Act compliance
  • And many more

The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is an annual report completed by the college to comply with the Jeanne Clery Act (1998). It provides crime statistics and other important information about safety, security, crime, and crime prevention on campus. Viterbo's Annual Security Report can be found at this link. Copies of this report can be obtained at the Campus Safety Office located at the La Crosse Campus, Hawk's Nest Room 101. 

Crime Log 2024.xlsx

Contact Campus Safety

Phone: (608) 796-3911

Located: Hawk's Nest 101

Hours: 24/7 365

Campus Safety Director

Alyson Graef
Marian Hall 113

Assistant Campus Safety Director

Brianna Martinson
Marian Hall 103






Registering a Bike

In the City of La Crosse, Municipal Ordinance requires that bikes ridden within the City limits are licensed and registered. To register your bike, complete the form on the City of La Crosse website

How to Avoid Scams

How to Avoid Employment Scams

Students across the country have also fallen victim to fraudulent employment scams which have resulted in financial loss. Past cases have shown criminal actors posing as professors or employees of reputable organizations. The criminals have contacted students and offered employment opportunities. The fraudulent employment scheme can leave students who are seeking employment and/or career-enhancing opportunities vulnerable to financial loss. It is important to be wary of unsolicited job opportunities. If a job offer comes from a college employee via email, the student should contact that college employee through official channels.

Additional tips can be found on the Federal Trade Commission’s website at

How To Avoid Financial Scams

Campus Community Safety and the Student Life, Equity, and Engagement Office would like to remind the campus community of fraudulent attempts used by criminals in order to obtain personal or financial information from individuals.

Telephone Scams

The criminals use phone spoofing equipment to make the number appear as it is coming from a legitimate organization. Often it will appear as a number from the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or a local police department number.

The criminals will use scare tactics such as:

  • Stating you have a warrant for your arrest
  • Vulgar language
  • Not to contact anyone
  • Will scare you from hanging up
  • Attempt to keep you on the phone for the duration of the scam (sometimes lasting hours)

While it may be a frightening encounter, if any of this happens to you, hang up immediately, and YOU call the non-emergency number for your local police department.

There are a few things to remember that can help protect you:

  • Hang up
  • Call your local police department; if on the Western campus: 608-782-7575
  • Governmental organization’s contact to you will be preceded by a formal letter with agency letterhead
  • Governmental organizations will never ask for payment over the phone
  • Payment will never be asked for via cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Etherium, Z-Cash) or prepaid cash cards (iTunes, Amazon, Green Dot).

If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Campus Safety at (608) 796-3911 or the City of La Crosse at 608-789-7200