Viterbo Speaks Up
Viterbo Speaks Up

Viterbo Speaks Up is a place where students, employees, and family members can report crimes, worrisome behaviors, harassment, sexual violence or assault, hate/bias discrimination, violations of the Viterbo University Code of Student Conduct, and other issues and concerns. Viterbo University is committed to providing a safe, educational environment for all members of our community, and by speaking up, you're helping make that happen. 

You will find detailed information about each report below. Some reports have the option for you to report anonymously. Please note, our goal is to support each and every reporter and it is more difficult to support those affected if reports are filed anonymously. If you share your identity in the report, we work to honor confidentiality and only share information with university personnel outlined in each report. 

If you are uncertain whether the situation you would like to report meets the form's criteria, we encourage you to report if you are concerned.

Speak up! We're here to help!

If this is an emergency, please contact Viterbo Campus Safety and Security (on-campus ext. 3911, off-campus 608-780-1582) or dial 911 prior to filling out one of the forms below. 

I Need To Report A Student Conduct Violation or Crime

 What Should I Report: Creating and maintaining a safe campus community is everyone’s responsibility. If you witness an incident, violation of the Code of Student Conduct, or crime, you can use this form to file a report and notify the appropriate staff. This is the same form used by Residence Life and Campus Safety staff.  

Who/Where Report Goes After It Is Submitted: Director of Campus Safety and Security, Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students, Assistant Deans of Students, Residence Life Staff, and the Campus Safety team. 

 What Happens After I Submit This Report: This report is reviewed by Campus Safety and Security and Residence Life staff, and assigned to the appropriate department/staff member.  

 Can I Report Anonymously: Yes  

I Would Like to Submit a CARE Report

What Should I Report: When someone we care about is distressed it is hard to know what to do. As a community we can help each other find the resources and help to address the concern at hand. Faculty, staff, students, and family are encouraged to use this online form to report to express your concerns about the student and why.  

Who/Where Report Goes After It Is Submitted: CARE (Campus Assessment, Referral and Education) Team.  The report is received by the following staff members and is shared in more general (and confidential) terms with the CARE team:  Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students (co-chair), Director of Campus Safety and Security, and the Director of Counseling Services (co-chair).

What Happens After I Submit This Report: The CARE Team leadership will screen referrals each weekday and hold a CARE team meeting every other Monday to assess the level of risk and determine appropriate action steps.  Following the team meeting, we will begin taking action steps based on the level of risk assessed in the referral and through additional information that the team gathers.  If there is identified a need for the team to meet sooner then their scheduled meeting, an emergency meeting will be called.

 Can I Report Anonymously: Yes  

I Need To Report Sexual Discrimination, Violence, or Harassment

 What Should I Report: Our university community is committed to promoting a learning and working environment where sexual misconduct (including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and other forms of misconduct) are not tolerated. Sexual misconduct reports include but are not limited to gender, sex, and sexual orientation. Use this form to file an initial report of sexual misconduct.  

 Who/Where Report Goes After It Is Submitted:  Title IX Coordinator and Director of Campus Safety and Security.

 What Happens After I Submit This Report:  The Title IX Coordinator will reach out to the alleged victim to offer supportive measures and work together to determine next steps.  

 Can I Report Anonymously: Yes  

I Experienced Or Witnessed A Hate/Bias Incident  

 What Should I Report: Every member of our community has the right to feel safe and included without experiencing hate and bias. A hate/bias incident is any physically or verbally harmful act that is motivated by (or appears to be motivated by, in whole or in part) any of the following factors: race/ethnicity, religion, national origin/immigration/citizenship status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity expression, economic status, language, age, pregnancy or family/marital status, disability, veteran or military status, size, or any other protected identity. Use this form if you were impacted by an incident or were a witness to an incident on or off campus.   

 Who/Where Report Goes After It Is Submitted: Bias Response Intervention Team (BRIT) leadership, which includes the Executive Director of Mission and Social Justice (Chair) the and Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  Cases are then reviewed by the BRIT Team, which includes those listed above as well as the Assistant Dean for Student Community.

 What Happens After I Submit This Report: The Bias Response Intervention Team (BRIT) will review the report to determine next steps. If reporter's identity is shared in the report they will be contacted by one member of BRIT within 48 business hours after reporting for support.  

Can I Report Anonymously: Yes  

I Want To See A Change On Campus

 What Should I Report: Student Government Association (SGA) is responsible for advocating for any student voices on campus. SGA also has the responsibility of managing activity fee monies paid by students and allocating this money to different initiatives, clubs, and events on campus. This form will work through SGA to make needed or desired changes on our campus.  Any aspects of our campus that could be improved or new ideas for our campus can be reported on this form.

 Who/Where Report Goes After It Is Submitted: SGA Exec. Board

 What Happens After I Submit This Report:  This report will be discussed by the elected student representatives of SGA to help determine the best solution and any necessary allocations. Information may be gathered from university staff as needed to determine possible options or solutions.

 Can I Report Anonymously:  Yes

*Instead of filing a report, you have the option to voice your idea/concern in-person at an SGA meeting. We have time allocated for student voices at every meeting, and this is a relaxed discussion. Formal presentations are completely optional. For meeting information, please contact SGA president Maddy Ballard at*

I Want To File A Formal Instructor Complaint

 What Should I Report: When a student has a concern about a course, course material, instructor, or something else related to academics, they should meet with the instructor directly to try and resolve the issue. If this is not sufficient, the student should meet with the department chair or program director to so they may attempt to resolve the concern. If the concern remains unresolved after meeting with the department chair/program director, and the student wishes to pursue the matter, the Student Complaint Regarding Instruction form is to be completed within 10 business days. The form should include information about the complaint with as much detail as possible as well as what has been done so far to resolve the issue.

 Who/Where Report Goes After It Is Submitted: College Dean or School Executive Director

 What Happens After I Submit This Report:  This report is reviewed by the College Dean or School Executive Director and a decision is communicated to the student and instructor. Either party may appeal the written decision of the College Dean by asking within 5 business days that the complaint be forwarded to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness. If parties are still unsatisfied with the decision, the student may pursue the issue with the Viterbo Board of Review, which will make the final decision.

 Can I Report Anonymously:  No

I Want To Share A University Concern

 What Should I Report: Any student of Viterbo University may initiate a concern or grievance regarding a University issue, which may involve an employee, an office, or the manner in which a University policy or procedure has been applied. Viterbo University is committed to an appropriate resolution of any complaints, and your input provides us the opportunity to improve our services.  

 Who/Where Report Goes After It Is Submitted: Vice Presidents/Senior Administrators for each of the major functional areas on campus.  

 What Happens After I Submit This Report:  The appropriate Vice President/Senior Administrator reaches out to the contact person in the functional area that is being reported. The contact person or Senior Administrator will follow up with the reporter if contact information is provided. 

 Can I Report Anonymously:  Yes