Student Publications

Touchstone, Viterbo's literary and arts journal, is published each spring. Students from any academic area are welcome to join the staff to produce a print and online version of this high-quality journal. Touchstone features student creative works of poetry and prose, and a variety of student artwork.

Lumen is Viterbo's campus newspaper. Its staff is comprised of students from all academic areas. Staff members work hard to publish in print and online to provide the Viterbo community with all the important news.

Backspace, published each summer by the English department, showcases the best writing from freshman composition courses and includes the winning essay for the Gengler Award. Backspace is available for purchase from the university bookstore.

El Sol, serves the Spanish-speaking community of the La Crosse Area by providing impartial reports and information on events -local, national and international- affecting this community. It also provides a venue for students to develop cultural competence by both writing in Spanish and investigating themes related to the Spanish speaking community in the region. El Sol is published once every semester. 


Professional Publications

Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis (ATPP) is an online, open access, peer-reviewed, academic journal published by Viterbo University, dedicated to exploring the deeper philosophical and ethical implications of education. The journal ATPP replaces the previous journal Analytic Teaching (journal of the North American Association of Community of Inquiry published at Viterbo University).

The new mission of Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis is to provide a forum for academics, researchers and educators interested in the critical interplay between the disciplines of philosophy and education, in both their theoretical and practical modes. The journal continues the previous focus of Analytic Teaching on Philosophy for Children and the Community of Inquiry, while seeking to expand and deepen the dialogue between philosophy and education. The journal welcomes submissions in three broad categories:

  1. Theoretical essays that explore the works of particular philosophers or philosophical traditions as these bear on pedagogical issues, or that critically assess educational theories, practices, and policies from a philosophical perspective.
  2. Empirical research, evaluation reports and reflective essays on philosophical practice in educational contexts or with pedagogical implications.
  3. Research that specifically explores themes germane to Philosophy for Children and the Community of Inquiry.

The journal will also actively solicit papers on certain topics, devoting specific volumes to the exploration of circumscribed themes that intersect the domains of philosophy and pedagogy.