The IIT Dept can help with all your technology requests.  Please allow 24-48 hours (M-F) for a response from time of ticket submission. 

Search Knowledge Base or Submit an IIT Work-ticket Request
(Submitting a ticket requires a Viterbo login)
- If you don't have a login, please email instead (i.e. parent, alumni, forgot password, etc).

Stop in:  Murphy Center 301
Phone:   608-796-3870

Hours:  Mon-Thurs:  8am-9pm
               Friday: 8am-7pm
               Saturday & Sunday:  CLOSED

Knowledge Base/FAQ

Click on the "Self Help" Button to search for content using tag words. 
Example: Looking for Microsoft Office?  Type in:  Office free or office
Example:  Looking for cell phone email settings?  Type in:  cell or cell phone
Example:  Looking for ResHall TV settings?  Type in:  TV or cable

Click on the "New Ticket" Button to submit a trouble ticket to report an issue or ask a question. 
Example:  How do I change my password?  (remember to check Self Help, there maybe an article already for what you are asking).  
Example:  The Printer in Library 115 isn't working (How is it not working?  Jamming?  Nothing prints?  Making loud sounds?, etc).  
* Please include all information you can pertaining to the question/issue, to ensure we can trouble-shoot and get back to you.   Stating something "doesn't work" isn't specific.  Try to explain what is happening (or not happening, etc).   "The Printer in Library 115 is jamming each time I send a print to it, and I lost my print credit on the job".

Try our interactive guides, which cover a wide variety of topics:

Office 365 – Moodle – VitNet – Course Evals - Ensemble – Starfish – TracDat – Clickers – Presentations and Videos - Saving Documents

Technology Presentation (overview of systems).  
Interactive Technology Guides for Students
Interactive Technology Guides for Faculty and Instructors

IIT for On-Campus Users

For additional information related to IIT Services and Support visit the IIT for On-Campus Users (a Viterbo login is required).