Holocaust Workshop and Teaching Resources

April 3–5

Location: Viterbo University Fine Arts Center FSPA Lobby 
Keynote Speaker: Ida Paluch Kersz, Holocaust Survivor

Watch Holocaust Survivor Presentation by Ida Paluch Kersz

 2024 Workshop Schedule 

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More than ever, it is important to teach about the Holocaust to prevent atrocities from being repeated. Thus, the educators' workshop will empower middle and high school teachers who want to learn more about teaching the lessons of the Holocaust in their schools and will feature national and local Holocaust scholars. "To be exposed to Holocaust scholars working in this field and survivors who bring an immediacy to the subject is key,” says Bill Younglove, instructor and teacher supervisor at California State University, Long Beach. “Area teachers are no doubt the chief beneficiaries, but the community at large should consider itself fortunate to have such an ongoing program in its midst."

2024 Workshop Presenters:

About Ida Paluch Kersz, Keynote Speaker

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Ida Paluch Kersz was born months before WWII broke out and the Nazi soldiers invaded Poland. In 1942 with deportation imminent, Ida was welcomed into a new Polish Christian family. Unfortunately, Ida’s twin brother, Adam, was separated and ended up in Majdanek death camp, and the two didn’t know each other’s fate for 53 years. Their unique story of reunion is told in the memoir, Unveiled Memories which is also a documentary.   

Ms. Kersz will give two presentations.  The first is a keynote presentation on Wednesday, April 3 at 7 p.m. at the Fine Arts Center, Viterbo University and will be livestreamed on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/viterboethicsThis presentation is open to the public and no registration nor ticket is required. All are welcome.

The second presentation is a school show. This ticket-only presentation in partnership with Arts for Young America is Thursday, April 4 at 10 a.m.  Priority seating for school groups to attend Ida Paluch Kersz's presentation will be offered to educators who sign up for Viterbo's D.B. Reinhart Institute's Annual Teaching the Holocaust Workshop by Wednesday, Jan. 31. The workshop registrants must then organize their group and register for the school show through Viterbo's Arts for Young America

Teaching Resources

Squirrel is Alive Teaching Guide

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The educational content for Squirrel is Alive includes interactive materials for classroom use. Strategies for before, during, and after reading includes discussion questions, writing prompts, and classroom extensions allowing students to engage directly with the text and understand both the historical context and the contemporary application of the book. The materials are designed for middle school and high school use, and will align to national standards and best teaching practices.



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