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Compression Planning® Training


About Compression Planning®
Compression Planning® was developed by the McNellis Company and is based on the storyboarding model originally conceived by the Disney Company.  Compression Planning® transforms the concepts of creative brainstorming and storyboarding into a simple, easily understood process and will leave you with ACTIONABLE items with which to move forward.  Compression Planning® (CP) is a 6-step visual planning process used by organizations including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, colleges and universities, government, and non-profit organizations.  It is a high-output, efficient approach to planning projects, developing strategic priorities, assessing needs, solving problems, reorganizing businesses, planning events, developing grants, or making business decisions. The process brings together teams of stakeholders to address any number of issues and is instrumental in breaking down silos and promoting transparency, accountability, and consensus.  

Training includes:
An intensive, 2.5 days of hands-on learning
A toolkit including two Compression Planning® books and support materials

Dates & Times:
Reach out to Nicole Van Ert at to discuss training options.

Cost:  $2,295

Group Discounts are available for 2+ registrants, contact Nicole Van Ert at for more details.

Upon completion of the Compression Planning® training, you will be able to:

  • Apply thoughtfully developed questions critical to the Compression Planning® model
  • Help leaders leverage collaborative time and make better decisions faster
  • Generate ideas and reduce decision time
  • Explore, focus and define an actionable plan to achieve desired goals
  • Design and lead Compression Planning® sessions

How can I use Compression Planning®?
Strategic Planning
Campaign Planning
Project Planning
Tactical Planning
Action Plans
Communication Plans
Marketing Strategy
New Product Development
Program Development
Options Analysis

Interested but still have questions about this training?
Please contact Nicole Van Ert at or by calling 608-796-3616.



Patrick McNellis, President/CEO of the McNellis Corporation and Co-Founder of The Compression Planning® Institute 
Pat’s role when sharing Compression Planning® is that of “an experiential learning guide.” His Institutes create real-world learning experiments and are based on a “learn by doing” approach versus “sit back, listen and hope that something sticks” (i.e. Lectureshops). 

His specialty is helping organizations and individuals cut through the clutter to laser in on a strategic target, make smart decisions and develop and an action plan quickly and effectively. Pat has provided Executive Coaching in Compression Planning® with over 500 past participants from the Compression Planning® Institute – ranging from college/university presidents to CEOs to K-12 superintendents to college grant developers.

• 26 years working along side the founder of the company, Jerry McNellis, and 3 years as CEO
• Has taught over 2000 individuals the Compression Planning® System.
• Has designed and led over 200 plus Strategic Planning Sessions using Compression Planning with clients ranging from multi-billion dollar corporations to community based non-profits to strategic planning sessions for community colleges across the country.
• Guest lecturer on planning and complex decision-making in the following Master’s programs: Robert Morris University, MBA; Columbia University in NYC, Entrepreneurial Creativity, MBA; and Geneva College MSOL, Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership
• Author of “The Compression Planning® Advantage: A Blueprint for Resolving Complex Issues. 
• Co-authored the following books: “Exploding The Meeting Myth” and “The Executive Decision Making System: Better, Quicker Decisions. More Time for Strategic Thinking”