ATOD and Sexual Violence Prevention

Viterbo University is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment free of illicit drugs, the unlawful use or abuse of alcohol and sexual violence. The Promoting the Reduction of viOlence, Mental Illness and Substance use through Education (PROMISE) Committee works to address the concerns and issues on campus that could adversely impact academic achievement, personal development, health, and safety. The goals of the PROMISE Committee are the following:

  • To coordinate activities, campaigns, and services designed to encourage responsible choices, healthy behaviors, and reduce the stigma related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs among Viterbo students.

  • To coordinate activities, campaigns and services designed to promote Viterbo as a drug and tobacco free campus. 

  • To provide information, resources and support to Viterbo’s students with family members and/or friends with alcohol, tobacco, and other drug related concerns/issues.

  • To provide ongoing sexual violence education and campaigns to the Viterbo community.

Individuals who violate university policy, local, state, or federal regulations are subject to arrest and/or disciplinary sanctions including, but not limited to, required assessment, treatment, restrictions, or expulsion.

Viterbo University Policy on Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs