Spring Phonathon
Feb. 5–March 5, 2024

Twice a year, a group of enthusiastic students call alumni to connect about experiences, update record information, and offer an opportunity to support Viterbo programs.

ANSWER THE CALL: When you receive a call from Viterbo, you are talking with a student who is interested in learning of your experience and connection to Viterbo.

ENCOURAGEMENT FOR STUDENTS: When you answer a student’s call, you will hear how your support is impacting their education and future. Please consider asking them a few questions about their semester and share what Viterbo means to you. The student call center provides students with valuable work experience in making connections that will impact their journey now and into the future. Thank you for encouraging them.   

DON'T WANT TO WAIT?: Your gift of any size has an impact on the Viterbo experience, and truly makes a positive difference. No matter the amount, we hope you will support Viterbo students. Give now through Viterbo’s secure giving website.

You can also make your gift by sending a check to Viterbo University, Attn: Advancement, 900 Viterbo Drive, La Crosse WI 54601. Please note "Phonathon" in the memo area of your check.

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Meet Your Callers

phonathon 24 Alina


I’m a junior sports management and business administration major from Newberg, Ore. I’m a huge sports nerdespecially when it comes to the NFL and MLB!


phonathon 24 annabeth


I’m a junior psychology major from Wausau, Wis. I spent last spring semester in Scotland with Viterbo’s study abroad program!

phonathon 24 brandon


I'm a first-year computer science major from Rockford, Ill. I'm on the track and field team here at Viterbo. I compete in the hurdles event!

phonathon 24 brooke


I’m a junior biology major from Kenosha, Wis. Wanna know something cool? I played violin for eight years!

phonathon 24 connor


I’m a sophomore musical theatre major from Hartford, Wis. Take a look at Viterbo’s Vic the V-Hawk, he might look a little familiar!


phonathon 24 eryn


I’m a first-year nursing major from Baraboo, Wis. My favorite drink is the Kwik Trip chocolate milk! If you haven’t had it, you’ve got to get one next time you’re in Wisconsin!


phonathon 24 grace


I’m a sophomore dietetics major from Madison, Wis. I run my own cake decorating business out of my home! Isn’t that totally sweet?


phonathon 24 izabella


I’m a first-year ethics, culture, and society major from right here in La Crosse. I really love my dog and three cats!


Phonathon 24 jordan


I’m a first-year sports management and leadership major from Grantsburg, Wis. I’m the third youngest of 16 siblings!


phonathon 24 kjersten


I’m a senior musical theatre major from Salt Lake City, Utah. In eighth grade, I wrote a song called Photosynthesis and it won a national songwriting competition!


phonathon 24 jess


I’m a junior theatre major from the Chicago area. I spend my free time on campus in the Fine Arts Center practice rooms working on music!


phonathon 24 madelyn


I’m a sophomore nursing major from Racine, Wis. I am a coffee fanatic! My favorite drink is the maple cinnamon latte from Global Grounds. So yummy!


phonathon 24 marcello


I’m a sophomore applied mathematics major from Lima, Peru. I really love soccer, especially when I’m playing on the Viterbo men’s soccer team!


phonathon 24 mckenna


I’m a first-year psychology major from Tomah, Wis. My favorite food is sushi! I especially love the really fancy rolls. Yum!


phonathon 24 mckenzie


I’m a sophomore musical theatre major from Edmond, Okla. I love to dance and I have a dog named Ruby!


phonathon 24 megan


I’m a junior music theatre major from Waterloo, Iowa. I love to spend my free time hanging out with friends and going to Walmart!


phonathon peyton


I’m a senior sports management and leadership major from Clear Lake, Wis. I have been golfing for 17 yearsincluding here at Viterbo!


phonathon 24 sahara


I’m a first-year neuroscience major from Millville, Minn. (Have you heard of it?) Guess what? I play five instruments!


phonathon 24 spencer


I’m a junior susical theatre major from Salt Lake City, Utah. My favorite ice cream is Tillamook black cherry. Have you tried it?


phonathon 24 xavier


I’m a first-year music theatre major from Ohio. My favorite restaurant back home is called Skyline Chili! Have you heard of it?


phonathon 24 zach


I’m a junior musical theatre major from Minneapolis, Minn. You would never guess that I have an identical twin brother!






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