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Accessibility Services

The Accessibility Director and Coordinators provide services to students who have documentation on file that describes and certifies the disability and indicates services needed. This includes temporary and permanent accommodation requests.

It is the policy of Viterbo University to comply with the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act and regulations issued there in to the extent applicable to Viterbo University. The university buildings are ADA compliant. The Viterbo campus provides accessibility according to ADA guidelines.

When appropriate and supported by documentation, class location, and residence hall rooms may be relocated and/or furniture adapted. The university is committed to accessibility and student success.

Any student who has a documented, diagnosed disability and requires specific accommodations should:

  1. Complete the form for accommodations. You may attach documentation (no older than 3 years) to this form or email it to See page 5 of the “Student Accessibility Policies and Procedures Manual” linked below for additional information on documentation guidelines.  
  2. Set up an appointment to discuss accommodations through Starfish.
  3. Review university guidelines applying to non-discrimination on the basis of disability.

Once a student completes the form for accommodations, sends relevant documentation, and meets with an accommodation representative to discuss their needs, they can expect a response via their Viterbo email for academic accommodations within one week. Non-academic accommodation requests may take up to three weeks for review and longer for implementation.

Students with a documented academic accommodation need to re-apply to have their accommodation enacted each semester they are a student at Viterbo. Students will receive an email at their Viterbo address prior to the start of each semester they are a returning student.

A student may file a complaint with the Accessibility Director via email, if the student believes that Viterbo University has inadequately applied the principles and/or regulations of Section 504 or the ADA.

Possible accommodations available based on documentation (not an exhaustive list):

  • Academic:
    • note taking
    • recording class lectures
    • extended test time or quiet testing space
    • alternative test location
    • software for visually-impaired students
    • Kurzweil program
  • Non-academic:
    • Meal plan exemption
    • Medical single
    • Service animal or ESA
    • A/C unit in residence hall

Request For An ESA or Service Animal to Live On Campus
Meal Plan Request for Exemption Form

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