Scholarships and Funding

Think studying abroad is expensive? It doesn't have to be! There are lots of ways you can raise the funds to help pay for study abroad. Students who put in the work to apply for scholarships and financial aid, and who work to save money can often study abroad for around the same cost as studying in the United States!

Here are a few helpful tips and resources for funding your study abroad program.


There are a number of options when it comes to funding your study abroad experience. The following is a list of resources where you can find more information on scholarships and funding for study abroad. This list does not account for every single scholarship you may be eligible for, but serves as a good starting point.

Sister Bernyne Stark Scholarship

Students participating in a Viterbo-sponsored program are eligible to apply for the Sister Bernyne Stark Solidarity Scholarship. The deadline to apply is July 1 for Fall travel/November 1 for Spring travel.

  • Complete the application: Sister Bernyne Stark Solidarity Scholarship
  • Write a personal statement in accordance with application guidelines. 
  • Submit all application materials to Study Abroad Office, in NRC 423, NRC 420, NRC 402, or NRC 447 on or before the application deadline.
Program Provider Scholarships

If you’re participating in a non Viterbo-sponsored program, you can easily look to your program provider for scholarship opportunities. Many providers offer scholarships to their accepted students. Here are just a few of the providers we work with. Click on your program provider to be directed to their scholarship information.

Scholarship Search Sites

The following websites list several different scholarship opportunities for study abroad as well as some good information on funding your study abroad experience. 


Study Abroad Scholarships


Financial Aid

Your financial aid options for study abroad depend on your study abroad program type and the type of Financial Aid you receive. On our Viterbo-sponsored programs, the program cost gets added to your tuition bill, and your Viterbo financial aid package may be applied to help cover these expenses. For semester, year-long, or summer programs, it will vary student to student. For more details on financial aid for study abroad, visit the financial aid web page, or contact the financial aid office

Other Ideas for Funding Your Study Abroad

Get creative and find other ways to raise money, or save money, for study abroad! A few ideas include:

  • Hold fundraisers - Bake sales, car washes, Valentine's Day flower sales
  • Crowdsourcing - Sign up for GoFundMe or another crowdsourcing site for people to donate towards your study abroad program
  • Use holidays - Instead of getting gifts for significant holidays, ask for money towards study abroad
  • Private loans - Consider your options for taking out a private loan for study abroad
  • Sell your stuff - Sell your used clothes, host a yard sale, sell back those old textbooks
  • Prioritize your spending - Cancel memberships you don't use often, and spend money only on necessities
  • Take advantage of student discounts - Save money with discounted student rates- it doesn't hurt to ask!
  • Start a side hustle - Sell handmade goods on Etsy. Start a tutoring business. Shovel snowy driveways


Study Abroad Funds


Questions on scholarships and funding for study abroad? Contact us!