Data Analytics

Students graduate with data skills to fulfill roles at organizations that span industries.

Program Information

The Viterbo University data analytics major is perfect for students interested in both data and business. The program was developed in response to the needs expressed in meetings by local employers, at which they articulated the need for employees who have the ability to analyze systems and complex data sets to make impactful business decisions. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 23% increase in data analytics positions such as business analyst, data integration specialist, project management analyst, fiscal analyst, IT data manager, etc. by 2031.


Applied Business Focus


Integrated Machine Learning and Ethics

Applied Learning –
co-op or internship

Data Analytics

The data analytics program combines core business curriculum with courses in business intelligence, data analysis, and computer science, machine learning, and ethics. The program will help develop the next generation of ethically-centered and data-informed business leaders.