Links of Leadership Grant Programming

Viterbo University DEI Links of Leadership Grant opportunity funded through the generosity of US Bank, provides space for students to engage in leadership development through program design and implementation, while working collaboratively with other students and with Faculty Advocates.  Faculty Advocates also provide programming that encourages inclusion and belonging across the campus and provides learning opportunities and connections outside of the classroom in fun and meaningful ways. 

Components of the Links of Leadership grant focus on programs that enrich a sense of belonging and self-advocacy for students, give students autonomy to develop programs that speak to their personal stories and interests, and link them to Faculty Advocate programs through mutual participation and program development. 

Please join us for these Links of Leadership events sponsored by our Peer Advisors (PA), Peer Mentors (PM), or Faculty Advocates (FA). We are sure you will find these worthwhile. 

Check back often as we update our events throughout the semester.


Feb. 28  - 6:00 PM CAF - Black History Trivia. Students vs Faculty! (PM) Enjoy Black History Month trivia and test your knowledge on either a faculty or student team. This is a partnership with the newly formed Black Student Organization. Contact Michael Wodzak ( for information about getting your team registered to participate. 

Feb. 28 - 7:00 PM NRC195 - Sprintax Informational Session for International Students (PA).  International students will receive information and resources to file taxes correctly for F and J type Visas. Snacks provided. Contact Melissa Giefer ( or Mel Murray ( for more information.


Mar. 2 - 9:00-11:00AM Black River Beach - POLAR PLUNGE! (FA) Plunge for a good cause. Contact Matt Johnson ( to join the team or build your own team. 

Mar. 4 - 9:00-10:00AM CAF Exit/Marian - Spread the Word: Inclusion (FA) Sign your name on the banner to build inclusion into your vocabulary and your life, learn about being more inclusive, and support the Polar Plunge team members who advocate for differing abilities. Contact Matt Johnson ( to learn more about the pledge.

Mar. 5 - 9:30-11:00 CAF Exit/Marian - Spread the Word: Inclusion (FA)Sign your name on the banner to build inclusion into your vocabulary and your life, learn about being more inclusive, and support the Polar Plunge team members who advocate for differing abilities.  Contact Matt Johnson ( to learn more about the pledge.

Mar. 5 - 12:00-1:00 BRO124 - Money Matters (DEI) Learn about budgets, employer benefits, and taxes while snacking on pizza and winning awesome raffle prizes. This is a partnership program with First and Second Year Student Experience and the US Bank Grant. Contact Tammy Gilkes ( for more information. 

Mar. 21 - 7:00-8:30PM NRC195 - Latinx Tri-State Professionals Network (FA) Hear a panel discussion of Latinx professionals from the area talk about their academic and professional backgrounds. Registration for this event is required. Check back here for registration information. Contact Jesus Jambrina for more information. (

Mar. 22 - 6:00PM Student Union - Self-Care and Stigma (PM) Celebrate Women's History Month with a self-care facial, quiet time decompressing with coloring sheets, and engaging together with a short documentary on the stigma of women's health in developing nations. Registration required for this event.  Contact Mel Murray ( for more information. 


Apr. 5 - 12:00-1:00 PM Hospitality Suite - The Challenge of Diversity: The Moral Implications of Embracing the Other (FA)* Explore the moral complexity of diversity and its implications across a variety of areas of the VU campus. Contact Jason Howard ( for questions and to register.  Space is limited. *This is a faculty/staff specific event.

Apr. 10 - 11:00AM-12:00PM NRC283/284 - Cultural Cooking (FA) Engage in a hands-on cooking demonstration of traditional Ho-Chunk foods. Space is limited to 20. Contact Tiffany Lein ( for information. 

Apr. 15 1:00-3:00PM, Assisi Courtyard - Jeans for Justice (PM) An artistic and creative way to learn about the effects of sexual assault on survivors, prevention, and tips on how to help. Jeans will be displayed after the event in various locations on campus.  Contact Mel Murray ( for more information. 

Apr. 15 - 4:00-5:00 PM BRO123 - Graduate Student Accommodations and Accessibility (FA)* A workshop to provide faculty with knowledge and resources to improve course accessibility and accommodations at the graduate level. Contact Jess Welsh ( for more information and to register for this workshop. *This is a faculty/staff specific event. 

Apr. 19 7:00-9:00PM CAF - LGBTQ+ and Ally Trivia! (FA) Who doesn't LOVE trivia?? Especially when prizes, snacks and fun are involved!  Contact Brittany Massengale-Houin ( for more information. 

Apr. 20 7:30 PM NRC196 - The Woman King Film Screening & Discussion. (PM) Join DEI, BSO, and WAVU for a film screening and discussion of the historical and cultural representations in this block buster film, The Woman King. Snacks provided.  Contact Mel Murray ( for more information. 

Apr. 23 - 11:00AM-12:30PM RCE134 - Our Ancestors: Demystifying Race and Genetics ( FA) Get an introduction into the history of science and racism and how science is currently misused and misinterpreted to propagate injustice and inequity. Learn how our shared ancestry and increased knowledge of genetics undermines racism and serves as a power for good. Contact Chris Mayne ( for more information. 

April 26 - 5:00-6:00 PM Student Union - Loteria (Spanish Bingo) (PM) Enjoy the game Loteria, a bingo game in Spanish!  Prizes provided for each winning round! Contact Mel Murray ( for more information. 


May 2- 12:00-2:00PM Assisi Courtyard - Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives Awareness Event (PM) Opening prayer at 12:15, learn the history of MMIR, hear from local organizations, and remember those Wisconsin relatives missing and lost to us. This event closes with a drum performance. Contact Mel Murray ( for more information.