Viterbo University marks the passing of faculty members and employees who were members of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, the founders and driving force behind this institution, as well as lay faculty members and employees who have served Viterbo. May they be remembered always. 


Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

Sr. Patricia (Mary Aloysius) Shepler '68 (Sept. 22, 2023): former controller

Sr. Loretta Penchi, FSPA '54 (Sept. 18, 2023): former staff member

Sr. Michon Desmond, FSPA '62 (Nov. 3, 2022): former dean of students

Sr. Evelyn (Mary Leo) Schlosser, FSPA (Oct. 7, 2022): former staff member

Sr. Anita (Mary Kenneth) Beskar, FSPA '65 (April 23, 2022): former faculty member

Sr. Donna Weber '62 (Aug. 28, 2021): former faculty member

Sr. Bernadette (Melissa) Prochaska '62 (Jan. 6, 2021): Board of Trustees emeritus member

Sr. Ladonna Kassmeyer (Aug. 3, 2020): former employee in multiple administrative roles; Board of Trustees emeritus member

Sr. Kathleen Kenkel '56 (July 18, 2020): former employee in religious studies department

Sr. Rosile Pernsteiner (July 10, 2020): Board of Trustees emeritus member

Sr. Helen Keating '53 (May 14, 2020): former nursing instructor; Board of Trustees emeritus member

Sr. Jean Moore (March 3, 2020) : former employee in multiple faculty and administrative roles; Board of Advisors member


Lay faculty and employees

Audrey Leonard Penner (July 6, 2022): Assistant professor

Janet Ann Linderbaum (June 20, 2022): Admissions/registrar

Deanna Lynn (Horman) Mason (Oct. 2, 2021): Admissions

Mark James Seitz (July 21, 2021): Instructional support services/videographer

Julie Clements '81 (March 6, 2021): Assistant professor, nursing

Gloria Patterson '66 (Jan. 5, 2021): Home economics faculty

Cyrilla Barr '56 (Jan. 1, 2021): Associate professor

Pam Maykut (Dec. 13, 2020): Psychology professor, Teacher of the Year Award winner

Darlene Bracegirdle (April 28, 2020): Associate professor of nursing

Robin Carre-Potter (March 31, 2020): Adjunct professor