Latex Allergy Policy

Viterbo University recognizes its responsibility for the health, welfare, and safety of students, faculty, administration, and staff. The purpose of the Latex Policy is to reduce, so far as is reasonably possible, the exposure of students and employees to latex proteins on the Viterbo campus. The university is committed to providing education on latex allergy awareness to students and employees.

  1. Use of latex gloves is prohibited.
  2. Use/display of latex balloons is prohibited.
  3. Educational materials on latex allergies are available to students/employees upon request.
  4. If necessary, employees will be shown proper skin protection techniques for working with students who are sensitive or allergic to latex. This will be done through Health Services upon request.
  5. Departments should identify existing items on campus that contain latex. As existing equipment is replaced, no-latex equipment should be purchased, if available.
  6. If non-latex materials are not available, skin contact precautions will be utilized with anyone who has a latex allergy or sensitivity.

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