Spanish language and cultural skills with a focus on social justice issues.

Program Information

The Spanish language program at Viterbo University prepares students for local, national, and international job markets. Our students find employment in professions like teaching, translating and interpreting (legal, medical, and criminal justice), also as social workers, bilingual customer service representatives, non-profit organization officers, writers, journalists, travel agents, immigration officers, flight attendants, and foreign affairs officials, among other fields.

Based on the standards of the American Council on Teaching Foreign Language (ACTFL), Viterbo’s language courses allow students to explore the speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills as a community, inside and outside of the classroom. Faculty support study abroad programs and internship opportunities, facilitating students to experience other cultures from a broader perspective.

In addition to  Spanish, Viterbo University offers introductory-level French, German, and Italian courses to satisfy BA language requirements. Courses are designed for students with no previous foreign language study. Pair work and small group activities using culturally authentic materials are used to develop skills for everyday communication with an emphasis in culture and pronunciation.


Placement Rate

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Study abroad

Spanish (BA)

Viterbo’s Spanish program provides the language and cultural skills that prepare students for a global market. This program allows students to explore the cultures of Latin American and Spain as well as Latinos in the U.S. with a focus on social Justice. With a 100 percent placement rate, graduates of this program are professionally and culturally competent to grow in a wide range of careers.

Spanish (Minor)

Minors at Viterbo University generally require between 15–25 credits upon completion. Transfer course and waivers and/or substitutions could modify these credit totals.

Latin American and Latino/a Studies (Minor)

The Spanish language is ever-growing in popularity, and now almost 15% of Americans speak it. Having an enriched knowledge of Latin culture and the Spanish language is a valuable trait in modern America. The Latin American Studies minor at Viterbo University is a great route for improving the competency skills of students, which helps enrich a skill set that is valuable in the health care, education, business, social work, and communication fields, among others. This minor promotes two significant outcomes. The first is to raise awareness of social justice issues related to Latin America populations, and Latinos in the United States. The other is to encourage local, national and international engagement and advocacy toward social justice issues in Latin America, and Latinos in the United States.  

Interpreting Studies (Minor)

The interpreting studies minor is aimed at helping bilingual speakers become qualified interpreters, and is usable with all languages. It is a great choice for those who intend on having language interpreting as an aspect of their future careers- which, with this minor at Viterbo University, can be in medical, educational, legal, business, and social settings. 

Community Interpreting Certificate

This certificate program is a total of 13 credits and takes one academic year to complete (August–May). The four required courses are taught in an online format, with a face-to-face option for local students. There is also a one credit internship to be completed in spring semester.
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