Nutrition and Dietetics

Viterbo’s nutrition sciences program boasts state-of-the-art food science labs, nutrition assessment technology, and personalized learning.

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Students in our Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Sciences benefit from state-of-the-art food science labs, nutrition assessment technology, personalized learning from faculty with a wealth of experience in the field, and hands-on field practicum hours for career preparation. With the dietetics industry requiring a master's degree for Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) roles by 2024, Viterbo University has also been granted accreditation to offer an accelerated one-year Master of Science in Community Medical Dietetics degree. Viterbo students interested in becoming registered dietitian nutritionists will have the option to complete our Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Sciences degree with guaranteed early entry into our Master of Science in Community Medical Dietetics. Unlike didactic programs, this one-year master degree also includes 1,200 ACEND-accredited supervised practice hours, also called a dietetic coordinated internship, which is required to be eligible to take the Registration Examination for Dietitians.

State-of-the-art food science labs   


Bachelor's to master's program   

Student-run dietetics association

Nutrition Sciences (BS)

Nutrition sciences is the science of nutrition and so by its nature, it encompasses other scientific disciplines including biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. It is also the study of how food and nutrients affect the human body requiring study of food science, anatomy, and physiology. The program's curriculum highlights foundational knowledge and skills as well as overall concepts, values, research methods, and applications that could prepare you to pursue a variety of career opportunities in health care and nutrition science-related industries. The ultimate objective of Nutrition Science is to understand how nutrition can play a role in health and disease prevention and focuses on building content knowledge and skills in the broad areas of nutrition science and health care.

Accelerated Coordinated Master's Dietetics (ACMD) Program

Viterbo’s ACMD Program is a pathway program to becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) in just one year. Students will complete 1,200 supervised practice hours (clinicals) concurrently with online courses after completion of their undergraduate studies.

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