Luke Bussiere
Assistant Professor, Biology, Biochemistry, and Neuroscience
School of Natural Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
RCE 218


The primary objective of my lab is to explore the potential of using microbes to mitigate or treat human disease. We accomplish this by 1) investigating the oncolytic properties of mammalian orthoreovirus (reovirus), and 2) identifying antibiotic producing bacteria present in soil.

Reovirus, recognized for its ability to target and destroy cancerous tissue, has been shown to be safe in numerous clinical trials. While some patients have experienced substantial benefits from reovirus therapy, others have shown limited response. Our current research focuses on understanding which individuals may be most suited for reovirus therapy. We have placed particular focus on patients bearing tumors with high metastatic potential.

Our second research avenue centers on identifying antibiotic producing bacteria in the soil with the aim of helping combat the global antibiotic resistance problem. Escalating use of antibiotics has driven bacterial resistance, diminishing clinicians’ ability to treat some patients. Our research identifying antibiotic producing bacteria around the La Crosse region strives to discover new antibiotics that could help alleviate this global issue.