Viterbo Student Brianne Roy Continues Family Tradition in Nursing

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

 “My mother and grandmother were both nurses and I grew up around their stories of providing care,” said Brianne Roy, a junior from Plymouth. “I always felt drawn to the profession. They are both two of the main role models in my life.”

Brianne Roy
Brianne Roy

Three years into her college education, Roy is certain she has made the right choice, both in terms of her major and the university she chose to attend.

“Viterbo offers direct admission into the nursing program, which was one of the biggest factors in enrolling at the university,” she said. “I’ve been very happy with my experience. The small class sizes and the hands-on education fit very well with my learning style. Plus, the location is perfect for me and everyone is very nice.”

Viterbo offers students premiere nursing facilities, including four state-of-the-art simulations labs. The School of Nursing also stresses compassionate and patient-centered care throughout its curriculum, which Roy appreciates. Nursing clinical experiences have been a favorite part of Roy’s education so far.

“I love getting out and working with practicing nurses in different health care settings,” Roy said. “It allows me to take what I’ve learned in the classroom and labs and use it in a real- life setting.”

Like for most students, grants and scholarships are critical in allowing Roy to realize her education and career goals. Roy works as a campus tour guide and at the Masters Gallery Foods cheese plant in Plymouth during every academic break, a job she has had since high school.

“I can definitely say that I would not have been able to afford college without the Wisconsin Grant and other financial aid,” she said.

Outside of work and academics, Roy enjoys embroidering, basket weaving, other crafts, and going for walks in the outdoors. She is exploring career options, including nurse anesthetist, radiology, or possibly medical school.

“I really love learning new things and that’s something I want to do all my life,” she said. “And these fields are fascinating to me.”

Whatever path Roy chooses, Viterbo nursing faculty member Kristin Roslansky is confident she will be very successful. Her patients will benefit the most, however.

“Brianne warmed hearts by her soft grace and high respect she demonstrated with her patients, nursing staff, and co-students,” Roslansky said. “She was consistently positive in all her interactions with an infectious smile and a desire to learn the intricacies of holistic care. She exuded confidence, even when she did not feel this way, allowing others to feel secure in her care.  It was a joy to watch her blossom on her nursing journey.”