Softball Coach Brandi Alonzo Is an NAIA Senior Woman Leader

Monday, March 4, 2024
Brandi Alonzo

Growing up in Louisiana, Brandi Alonzo’s favorite sport was basketball. Softball, however, was the game at which she truly excelled.

Her excellence led to a scholarship to play for NCAA Division I University of Southern Mississippi. She would go on to start all four years and play in more than 200 games before graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Administration degree.

“College is where I really fell in love with softball,” said Alonzo, who later also earned a master’s degree in sports coaching from Ohio University.

Today, Alonzo applies her considerable knowledge, experience, and affection for the sport as the head softball coach at Viterbo University, a post she has held since 2015. Alonzo was honored with Senior Woman Leader designation at Viterbo from the NAIA in August of last year.

“When I visited, the campus felt like home and the La Crosse area was gorgeous,” said Alonzo about applying for the position nine years ago. “I was thrilled to get the opportunity, and my goal continues to be improving the program as much as possible each year.”

In addition to game management and practices, being head softball coach involves player recruitment, administrative work, academic monitoring, day-to-day operations, travel, fundraising, and “anything and everything,” said Alonzo, who is looking forward to the coming season.

“We have a very strong and talented group of student-athletes who are putting their all into getting ready for a very productive and fun season as we compete for a conference title,” she said.

Alonzo strives to teach life lessons such as teamwork, conflict resolution, dedication, time management, community service, and the honor of representing their sport and their university to her players.

“I really like coaching here, and I think there are many exciting things on the horizon for the university,” she said. “We have a good team and additional talented players committed for next year. There is a good foundation to build on.”