Future PT Amanda Bogdonovich a Campus, Softball Team Leader

Monday, March 4, 2024
Amanda Bogdonovich

 Amanda Bogdonovich had many years of experience with physical therapy. Thankfully though, it wasn’t as a patient.

“My dad is a physical therapist, and I got to see the work he does and how he helps people,” Bogdonovich said. “I fell in love with the field and wanted to pursue it.”

Amanda Bogdonovich
Amanda Bogdonovich and fellow student researchers did wastewater-based epidemiology studies looking for drugs.

Pursue it she has, and her goal is ever closer. Bogdonovich, who will graduate from Viterbo University in May with a degree in biology, has started to apply to physical therapy graduate programs. She has been happy with her choice to attend Viterbo and feels her education has her well prepared for her future career endeavors.

“Coming from a small town, I fell in love with the size of Viterbo on the tour,” said Bogdonovich, who hails from Greenwood. “It was a place where I could get to know everyone in my classes and major. It felt like home essentially, and it still has that connection.”

Being able to play collegiate softball was the other factor that drew her to the university. Spending most of her time at third base but also logging innings all over the diamond and even pitching, Bogdonovich is a true utility player who does whatever she can to best help the team. She said being a student athlete has been very rewarding.

Bogdonovich was able to take advantage of other opportunities as a student as well, such as conducting a significant, faculty-mentored scientific research project and serving as the president of the university’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). The organization’s mission is to bring together the athletic department and the rest of the campus through events and to give back to the local community. Being the president gave Bogdonovich excellent leadership experience, something that will serve her well in the future.

“Eventually, I would love to work with athletes,” she said. “I might take over my dad’s clinic one day or go wherever the job and life takes me.”