Exploring (Undeclared)

Allowing students to find their calling without delaying time to graduation.

Program Information

Viterbo offers a one-credit freshman course where students can learn more about program offerings and do self-exploration in areas of interest. A junior-level course is also offered for students who have decided their major, but want to explore more of what they can do with their degree after graduation. No matter the major, Viterbo places an emphasis on the development of general, transferable skills (e.g., writing, speaking, critical thinking, computer literacy, problem solving, team building) that employers want and that graduates will need in order to adjust to a rapidly changing world. Viterbo offers certified career counseling, a variety of free skills and personality assessment tools, interest planning tools, career fairs, and individualized support for career planning.

Areas of interest include STEM, business, education, health and human services, humanities, and performing arts   


Of students enrolling in college are unsure of their major

 Active learning through hands-on experiences in small classes 

Exploring (Undeclared)

Students do not need to have a major when they start at Viterbo University. Those who are unsure of what their future holds can be classified as "exploring" and in the process, can take a variety of courses to discover what field fits them best. Using a variety of resources, including one-on-one advising, interest inventory testing, and skills and strengths tools, the faculty and staff at Viterbo will do their best to help discover the major and career field that is right for each and every student.
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