Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management

Degree Type
Area of Interest
Business and Leadership
Degree Level
College of Business, Leadership, and Ethics

Earning this certificate enables today’s health care professionals to develop a holistic business approach to leading a rapidly evolving and regulated industry. You will acquire practical knowledge of leadership, change, business strategies, process improvement, legal and ethical issues, finance, and population health. Flexible elective credits allow you to tailor the program to your professional needs or specialty area within a health care setting.




Credit Requirement: To obtain a graduate business certificate from Viterbo University, all credits must be taken at Viterbo. Students with substantial academic background relevant to a specific course may have the course waived, but the waiver does not reduce the overall number of credits required for the certificate. The only exception is Viterbo graduate program alumni, who may have the certificate requirements reduced by one course.

Admission to Other Graduate Programs: Admission to a specific degree or certificate program does not imply admission to any other degree or certificate program. A separate application must be submitted to apply for admission to another program. 

Credits Applied to the MBA: A graduate course taken as part of a certificate program may later be applied to satisfy MBA program requirements, given:

    • the student has applied and been accepted into the MBA program.
    • a grade of B or better has been received on the certificate course.
    • the course is considered relevant to the MBA at the time of admission.
    • the course was taken within the time frame specified for transferable credits.
  • A student who completes a certificate and then enters the MBA program cannot declare the certificate program as an emphasis. If they choose to declare a different emphasis during the MBA program, that will be the emphasis designation on the official transcript.